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i-plm.net Order & Delivery Management

The foundation module provides a service catalog. Using the Order & Delivery Management module offers and orders can be created as well as invoices can be issued. Download the solution here.

i-plm.net Project Management

Plan and manage projects for customers and extensions of your own service portfolio, show dependecies between projects and check utilization of personell capacities. Download the module here.

Today we launch the new Foundation Module V 0.8.5. Using the new Modules Project Management and Order & Delivery Management, i-plm.net supports now end to end views from customers to vendors. The fiancial managment is enhanced by projects. By that, a provider gets a 360 degree view on investments and personell capacities. Download the new module here

New i-plm.net Module

We just started to test new I-PLM.net Modules. In the first quarter 2012 we will launch a project management module as well as an offer and order management module to complete I-PLM.net.


We'd like to share our experience about IT product management with the IT Service Management community. That's why we opened the I-PLM.net wiki. I-PLM.net/wiki provides best practices about IT product pattern, processes and templates as well as the I-PLM.net solution documents are moved to the wiki.