i-plm.net Business Network

i-plm.net is a network of business partners who evolve and contribute to the platform. Our partners are:

Aras Corp.

Aras is a leading provider of PLM solutions but takes a very different approach to PLM. We combined enterprise open source solutions with advanced model-based SOA technology to deliver a highly scalable, flexible and secure PLM solution suite. Our extensive out-of-the-box functionality and modern Web architecture enable you to deploy quickly and continuously enhance your PLM environment in a fraction of the time required by conventional enterprise PLM / PDM systems and at a Total Cost of Ownership far below that of any leading competitor. Further information can be found on www.aras.com.


RubyCom advises, coaches and assists enterprises as well as leaders in building and changing their reputation. The team consists of strategy and process consultants, business coaches, PR-experts and journalists. Over the course of the years they have developed a number of new methods aligning classical communication measures with the results of the latest research in human interaction, which enterprises and leaders can facilitate to change their performance fast and effectively through all levels. RubyCom is one of the founding members of the Association of Communication Experts (The ACE) and collaborates with 25 partner agencies around the globe. For more information visit www.rubycom.org.


SUCCEERS creates a new generation of consulting that develops sustainable profitable growth with its clients by mobilizing own resources and optimizing necessary external support. Further information www.succeers.com.