Deployment options and licensing Solutions and ARAS Innovator are available free of of charge. Service packaged are optional and do not affect the software license usage.

Use the freedom of licensing and find your individual deployment option to maximize value to your business!


Services 1. Open Source / MPL 2. Service Packets 3. Hosting
Innovator Framework      
Open Releases yes yes yes
Hot Fixes, service packs, Microsoft certification, directory integration, vault replikation - yes yes
Solution Access Solutions yes yes yes
ARAS Community Solutions yes yes yes
ARAS Subscriber & Commercial Solutions - yes yes IT Services Base Access - yes yes
Import / Export / Batch Tools - yes yes
Vault Disaster Recovery Tool - yes yes
System Upgrades - yes yes
Training, education and services      
Scheduled sessions Standard rates frei frei
Onsite Standard rates Discounted rates Discounted rates Support Community forum Hotline, developer support, escalation management Hotline, escalation management
Hosting package (infrastructure hosted by, web based access) - - to be negotiated


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