Functions Open Release Subscribers
IT Service Management    
Create your service and product portfolio yes yes
Create Bill of Materials (BOM) yes yes
Calculation of unit costs yes yes
Gross/Net calculations yes yes
Assign services to cost centers yes yes
Integrate vendor cataloges yes yes
Assign service characteristics (Services Level, Operations Level, Key Performance Indicators) yes yes
Assign and manage documents related to services and products yes yes
Product Catalog Management
Create product catalogs yes yes
Assign product catalogs to customers yes yes
Define pricing by product groups yes yes
Assign product groups to customer yes yes
Define pricing using several pricing approaches (cost plus, market) to meet compliance yes yes
Create product catalogs in MS Excel yes yes
Create product catalogs in XML (BMECat)   yes
IT controlling and reporting
Calculate budgets per cost center yes yes
Support cost unit allocation yes yes
IT controlling cockpit outlining unit costs, volumes and structure of costs yes yes
Product profitability analysis yes yes
Cost planning for rising services yes yes
Change and Configurations Management
Versioning of services, products and documents yes yes
Life cycle of services and products yes yes
Assign responsibilities to roles along the life cycle and workflows yes yes
Pre-defined workflows to create, launch and resign products yes yes
Operations & Productivity
ARAS Solution Upgrade Tool yes yes
ARAS Batch Loader   yes Import Tool   yes
Technical Plattform
Vault Cluster   yes
LDAP Integration   yes