i-plm.net in brief

Information model

IT Service Management

  • Describe supply chains for your products and services
  • Create and manage service components
  • Distinguish custom and standard services
  • Create and publish product catalogues
  • Define and track quality, cost and volume targets for your services

 Financial Management

  • Integrate and approve vendor catalogues and maintenance costs
  • Assign services to cost centers and allocate operational costs
  • Create bills of material
  • Calculate costs and prices in accordance with transfer pricing rules

Product Life Cycle and Workflows

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to design, launch and change processes
  • Implement an ITIL-like role model and assign responsibilities along the supply chain


  • Export product catalogs to MS Excel and/or XML (BMEcat compliant)
    Integrate your ERP application
  • Publish released product information to your communication portal like MS Sharepoint

A detailed list can be found here.

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